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Brussels English-speaking Pastors Association
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BESPA is a forum for the English-speaking pastors and others engaged in Christian ministry in the environs of Brussels. Colleagues in other parts of Belgium are always welcome.

Brussels Interchurch Committee (BIC)
was formed in 1970 as an ecumenical association of church leaders and pastors to encourage dialogue between the churches in the Greater Brussels region, including the English-speaking Churches.

BIC Charter in English

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African Enterprise, Africa

African Enterprise, Belgium

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Today AE is a partnership of approximately 600 staff and countless volunteers and friends representing ten national teams, a pan African mission team, a reconciliation department, a training department and support teams in seven countries across the globe. These teams, departments, boards and individuals have covenanted themselves to continue the mission given to AE at the start –
‘To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed, in partnership with the church.’


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Alternatives is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. It seeks to extend Christ’s love and compassion to people in pregnancy crisis situations and post-abortion trauma. The aim of counseling in Alternatives is to enable those seeking help make an informed decision about their situation, based on facts and not on fear, panic and pressure.

All our volunteers follow a training programme and then are involved in counseling with an experienced counselor.

BibSemBrussels BannerBiblical Seminary of Brussels
Founded in October 1989, the Biblical Seminary of Brussels is a warm-hearted, Christ-centered learning and missional community, a fellowship of believers committed to following Christ.

Study and Fellowship Opportunities
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Breaking Chains Network…………
Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery! Women are forced into the sex trade industry, prostitution, and all forms of pornography. Children are put into the sex industry and forced labor. Men are made to work in forced labor. Reaching and restoring these people is what God has called us to do. We endeavor to provide a safe place for these victims and provide training for them so they can live a life free from the bonds of slavery. Check our website for how you can help.

Working Together to offer hope and healing.
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Bruce Kuhn

Bruce Kuhn was on Broadway in Les Miserables, and now lives in the Netherlands, touring his solo performances of The Gospel of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles to English speaking countries worldwide. He plays an eyewitness, using only the actual Bible text, and brings the words to life with the humor and enthusiasm of someone who saw it happen. Theatre critics have called his performance, “brilliant” and “a riveting dramatic experience.” He is dedicated to using his talent as a ministry of the Gospel and has recently memorized Mark’s gospel in Dutch (NBV). To raise awareness and interest, he is willing to give short ‘tasters’ at churches and schools.

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Care Logo white

(Christian Action Research and Education) is a well-established mainstream Christian charity providing resources and helping to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives. Care demonstrates Christ’s compassion to people of all faiths and none believing that individuals are of immense value, not because of the circumstances of their birth, their behaviour or achievements, but because of their intrinsic worth as people. Care is represented in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies, at the EU in Brussels and the UN in Geneva and New York.

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chapel-of-the-resurrection-2Chapel of the Resurrection
La Chapelle de la Résurrection

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Rue Van Maerlant 22, 1040 Brussels,
Metro: Maelbeek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The aim of this ecumenical “Chapel for Europe” is to create a truly spiritual space, accessible first and foremost to those from European institutions, but also to those who work, live or pass by the chapel and to the local Brussels inhabitants.

Community Bible Study International

We offer in depth bible study for women in a supportive environment, and welcome people from enquirers to committed believers.

CBSI is interdenominational, and works to support all the churches in the area, and encourages all members to get involved in a church. All leaders have to be in good standing and active ministry within a church.

We meet on Wednesday mornings, 9.30-11.30 am
at the International Baptist Church,
Lange Eikstraat 76 1970 Wezembeek Oppem . . . . . . . . . . .
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Counseling Network Belgium B

covenant-playersCovemant Players Intnl.

The greatest message one can communicate is the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ; and there is perhaps no more powerful way to communicate that message than through the medium of drama.

Covenant Players uses the powerful medium of drama to bring hope, encouragement, and a positive message into classrooms, auditoriums, group homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities all over the world.

community-arts-europe-logoCreative Arts Europe

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We support and help to assist the church in her mandate to make God known to this generation. We are committed to work towards reconciliation not only for ‘artists and the church’, but also for ‘art and the church.’ We encourage the church to develop the ability to critically discern the art of our culture and to recognise the significant role of the arts in worshiping God and making Him known.

edn-logoEuropean Disabilities Network

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European Disabilities Network is a network of Christian organisations that promotes and supports evangelistic ministry among and by people with disabilities.

The network seeks to provide a Biblical understanding on disability and provides training for disability ministry workers.

At the European Worship Institute (EWI), we seek to inspire, encourage, train and network worship leaders, musicians, vocalists and technicians for service in the local church by organizing seminars, workshops and conferences.

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FCJ Logo xThe FCJ Centre of Spirituality

Enquiries: 0477 734551 or 0472424178 or Email

The FCJ Centre is an oasis of peace in the heart of Brussels, where people meet, share, reflect, pray and find refreshment. Our modern and well- equipped facilities, together with our delightful garden and labyrinth are a real asset to all who come to the FCJ Centre.

We offer a wide variety of events, workshops and seminars for adults, families and young people. Our endeavour is to facilitate and support individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. All are welcome, regardless of background or beliefs.

Ave Winston Churchill 211, 1180 Brussels . . . . . . . . . Map

fresh-expressions-logoFresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions seeks to transform communities and individuals through championing, resourcing and multiplying new ways of being church. We work with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions and the movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

Global Day of Prayer

Pray4 Belgium

Following the example of the first believers who “joined together constantly” in prayer (Acts 1:14) until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Global Day of Prayer is calling Christians from all nations to unite in prayer.

hope-for-europe-logoHope for Europe emerged from the need for a umbrella for united strategic action in Europe after the collapse of communism and is a movement embraced by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA), the Lausanne Committee in Europe, and numerous other organisations linked in the Coalition for the Evangelisation of Europe (CEE) but is itself not an organisation.

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ICWCB banner_02The International Christian Women’s Club of Brussels

Women are invited to a Brunch, normally on the second Tuesday of each month, featuring a demonstration or activity followed by a Special Speaker.
Look at “Events” page for current announcement.

More information or Reservation Tel. 0498 68 95 16 or . . . . . . . . send Email

mission-tt-world-logoMission to the World (MTW) is the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, helping to fulfill the Great Commission by advancing Reformed and covenantal church-planting movements through word and deed in strategic areas worldwide.

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Oasis has a vision, to see every person given the opportunity to experience God’s all encompassing love.

Stop the Traffik is a global movement of ordinary activists from around the world who believe that people should not be bought and sold. We believe that when people act things change, join us today to Stop the Traffik!

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Operation Mobilization Belgium seeks to encourage the Church in Belgium by offering training in missions and evangelism, short-term evangelism teams and longer term partnership through year teams.

The OM Belgium team is committed to providing opportunities for Belgian Christians to serve in their own country or in other parts of the world.

OM International

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Operation Mobilization – Aljisr –
Muslim Ministry & Consultancy

Aljisr is an experience based ministry, that aspires for the body of Christ to effectively engage Islam. Therefore Aljisr inspires, equips and mobilises churches and believers from all walks of life, to see spiritual transformation among Muslims, so that “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the Name of the Lord is to be praised.”

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Serve the City

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Serve the City mobilizes volunteers to show kindness in practical ways to people in need. Serve the City partners with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, senior homes and other associations and invites volunteers to offer practical help and support. Serve the City projects are often simple – sports, music, arts and crafts, teaching English, painting, serving food, and cutting hair. We are matchmakers – the connection between the good intentions of people who could serve and a meaningful opportunity to do so.

SFC EuropeStudents for Christ-Europe is a legally-recognized international, non profit association linked to a worldwide movement of university students earnestly following Jesus.
A student’s time at university is an unique period of self-reflection and questioning who they are and what they believe. SFC is there for students at this critical time when they are making important life decisions. One of SFC’s primary goals is to encourage Christian students in a challenging environment, while at the same time helping them to reach out to their fellow students who are searching for answers to many of life’s questions. Another important goal of SFC is to partner with local churches in reaching the mission field of the university.

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YouthCompass bannerYOUTHCOMPASS

YouthCompass works together with others in the international community, establishing a relational Christian presence among young people and their families.
Our staff and leaders walk with students, loving them unconditionally – modelling respect and trust , living a friendship.

Youth With A Mission Brussels

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Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international, interdenominational missionary organisation with 16000 full time staff members working in 1100 centres in more than 150 countries.

YWAM aims to capture the energy of youth (of all ages!) and mobilise as many as possible into short term mission, long term mission, effective service in churches and effective witness in every sphere of society.

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Christian organisations in Belgium are invited to have information placed on this page.

Please send information about your organisation that you would like to publish here with links to your own site, if any. Information to be published may include appeals for help and news of events to which you wish to extend an invitation and means of contacting you.


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