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Le Catalpa English Teacher 3

Dear friends,

For our next semester starting February 3, 2014, we are looking for a volunteer to teach our English Conversation Class (ESL) on Monday or on Thursday from 10 am to 12 PM.

These volunteers will often be incoming expats or missionaries looking for opportunities to serve. They should be mature in their faith, sensitive and enjoy interacting with a class.

As most of you know, our Christian Cultural Center ‘Le Catalpa’ is passionate about reaching out to the people of Belgium. We try to do this by serving them and by sharing a verbal witness with them when the opportunity comes along. Our ultimate goal is to make disciples and plant a church on this side of town. Several people from our neighbourhood have been baptised and are now following Christ as members of our church thanks to this Center.

For a better idea of what is happening at Catalpa, feel free to check out our website: www.lecatalpa.be.

If you are interested, can think of anyone or have any question, could you, please, contact us? (Send a message below or 0486-028 009 or info@lecatalpa.be)

We would very much appreciate it.

In Christ,

Nat Winston

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