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Bar Faith and Science

Gilbert Dunachie
18 April 2015

I have started this page because of a number of concerns which I would like to share and on which I would like to raise awareness. If you are interested, you are invited to join the discussion and share your own views using the form below.


Last Summer Aline and I experienced one of those events which happen from time to time when one has to say “There is a reason we met!”
We were on holiday at a beautiful spot in Scotland. As I went to buy ice-creams we noticed that all the benches by the loch were occupied. I suggested to Aline that she ask the couple sitting in the middle of a bench if they would mind making room for the two of us. When I returned with ice-cream, I found that a great conversation was in progress which became increasingly fascinating. The gentleman, in his late 80’s was explaining the substance of the talk he was giving at a conference that evening. It became apparent that it was a Christian seminar and we became completely immersed until we realized three hours had passed and it was time to go. Just before parting the gentleman said “Do you believe in evolution?” No one had asked me that question for a very long time. I said something to the effect that I did but didn’t think it was any threat to my faith. He responded “It really is not true.” Since that meeting I have spent some time studying the subject more thoroughly with the result that I am now convinced that it cannot be accepted as proven science and that it has, in fact, become a substitute religion.

I would never suggest that belief in Darwin’s theories would preclude salvation and I would not question the faith of the many Christians who can accept Darwinian theories. I am concerned however, about the damage that is being done by those who wish to destroy Christianity, notably scientists who wish to promote their personal faith that there is no God. Richard Dawkins appears to be the High Priest of this faith and he has many followers. It is almost 30 years since his book, “The Blind Watchmaker”, was first published to great acclaim in the press by many notable reviewers, scientists and others who presumably are believers. Many other books have followed from Dawkins and others intent on preaching atheism rather than science.

Most people do not think about this very much but Darwin’s theories on the origin of species have never been proved by convincing evidence and the evidence for an all powerful creator is now overwhelming. I now find that this daily brings me a greater appreciation of the wonders of God’s creation.

If you have not given this much thought, I would like to make you aware of what has been going on in the last century and a half since Darwin published his book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” and what the situation is today. An early change, in 1872, was to shorten the title of the book to “The Origin of Species” for the 7th edition!

I can remember, in my extreme youth, being taught in biology class that the smallest element in the body was the single cell which consisted of a blob of glutinous matter that was able to constantly multiplying by simple division. It was little more than half a century ago that scientists discovered that the simple cell is of incredible complexity. In fact, each of the +/- trillion cells in our bodies contain a computer with a data bank of about 1.5 gigabytes (DNA) with complex programmes and machines that produce complex structures of proteins. All within these microscopic “blobs”.

The psalmist said. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” but he had no idea of just how wonderfully. Charles Darwin also had no idea of the complexity of life or of this amazing DNA which is essential for every life form and that in every cell there exists the instruction for manufacturing the material components of every living creature from the smallest microbe to the most complex life form of immense size. Darwin was concerned that no record or transitional evidence had been found in the fossil record to demonstrate evolution of new species. Darwin said that this evidence should be found in “innumerable transitional forms”. After 150 years of searching by many scientists, no such record has been found.

Today, the scientific community, particularly in biology science, is in a state of uncertainty which is not often revealed to the general public and in fact many scientists remain in total denial and even demonstrate violent reactions to those who demolish these theories which have become their dogma.

To start things rolling, you might like to follow some of the links to websites, talks, articles, books and authors and relevant supporting information. Authors are not necessarily Christians. If you care to comment we can engage in some discussion on this page. As we proceed I hope to introduce you to some of the amazing things that confirm the wonders of God’s creative power.

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